How to ruin a PR campaign in a social network?

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The effectiveness of brand promotion in a social network is no longer in doubt among modern SEO marketers. Competent work with such resources allows to sharply raise the target traffic and stimulate the growth of conversion. However, not everyone can develop the right strategy. Specialists have prepared a brief overview of the techniques, the use of which is guaranteed to lead to the failure of PR-campaign.

Feverish placement of content
About half of the beginning webmasters publish messages on the community pages chaotically. Placement of posts should be systematic, and the schedule for the output of ads should be compiled on the basis of a detailed analysis of the activity of the target audience. Otherwise, the specialist risks not only losing time and money, but also losing a significant portion of subscribers.

Application of Direct Sales Methodology
The fatal mistake of many administrators and marketers is aggressive posting of commercial ads. Practice shows that this approach reduces the subscriber base by almost 50% within 1 to 2 months.
In working with modern English-speaking users, the technique of smooth involvement in the sales funnel is most suitable. Experts recommend:

• increase the number of leads through the distribution of free materials;
• consistently transmit a lot of useful information to the audience with links to the product (email-delivery).

At the moment, this algorithm remains very effective, because it is based on micro-obligations. A person who uses free services or data, is more loyal to the company, he is more willing to cooperate.

Screwing counters
Using the technique of “buying subscribers” can seriously damage the promoted brand. Resource moderators actively monitor such communities and block them mercilessly. That is why, in the midst of “hunt for a client,” the site may simply cease to exist.

Opt out of content optimization
Duplication of publications from the corporate site on the pages of the community does not give the desired increase in traffic. Users just do not see the need to go to the main site. Where the more effective method is posting the most fascinating passage from the article with the address of the full version. In addition, the optimized link to the content looks much more interesting.

Self-promotion in an aggressive manner
The thoughtless placement of boring messages in a personal news feed can negatively affect the number of subscribers. This error is committed by 70% of all novice marketers.
It is more reasonable to offer friends and readers interesting content, occasionally diluting it with advertisements. In the initial stages, mutual reposting also gives good results.

Hosting other people’s links
Any actions of the marketer should be thought out and directed to the achievement of a specific goal. When publishing other people’s content, it is necessary to objectively evaluate its role. If a page simply links to another resource, the community will inevitably share traffic with it.

Abuse of social media buttons in the blog
Adding a large number of social buttons only reduces the desire of users to share content on the site. That’s why experts recommend connecting the site only developed and popular viral networks like Facebook.
In conclusion, we recall that the above methods have been widely used before. Now they are considered obsolete and inefficient. It is likely that popular technology today will also be on this list in a few years.

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